About us

The titanium explorer is the first new generation gyro to be manufactured in Australia and a world first using titanium. The idea was born by 2 friends, Neil Sheather and Andrew Pepper in 2009 after noticing other gyro models could be better designed for Australian conditions incorporating ideas to make it more practical to explore the country where a person lives. Furthermore, Neil has balanced many rotor systems on different gyros and decided he would design a rotor and rotor head to be smooth and shake free.


About the 2 guys, Neil has worked for himself for many years and becoming very successful at his various endeavours. He is an innovator of new ideas and has the most inquisiting mind for just about anything. He is also a self taught engineer and designer and with an extremely sharp eye for detail you will see this evident in the new explorer. after retiring, he pursued his love for aviation by becoming a gyro dealer and has been totally engulfed by the industry.


Andrew is a motor cycle and motor vehicle mechanic by trade and a self taught fitter and turner. Hang gliding and aviation has been his passion for the last 22 years and will be the head assembler of the gyros at his property near Tamworth NSW. He has been building cars, bikes and hot rods from the age of 13 and is extremely capable with a keen eye for detail and finish. He has a fully equipped workshop for the sole purpose of building the explorer.

After flying trikes for many years, Andrew could see the limitations that trikes have in regards to the weather conditions and there was many days spent watching and not flying. Gyros opened up a whole new world as they are able to fly when the trikes are grounded. They are not affected by like a trike, and they are able to use the wind to their advantage. This is the reason gyros caught Andrews interest and with Neil on board, the Titanium explorer was born and the rest is history.


The explorer has a full dashboard fitted with a mini ipad to download all the necessary information required for the pilot. The pods have plenty of storage space inside so there is no need to stow items and other equipment around your feet that may cause problems during flight.

The explorer is powered by the ever reliable 100hp motor or the 115hp turbo engine. The main frame is made of titanium which is 2 times stronger than stainless steel or chrommoly buy has twice the elasticity of stainless steel which is perfect for gyros as they absorb the rotor pulses giving a far smoother flight in the air.

Titanium has been used in the aviation industry for years because of its superior strength and its ability to withstand both heat and stress. It is also very light in weight which is a perfect fit for gyros. The body is made up of carbon fibre, fibreglass and honeycomb making it extremely strong giving the pilot and passenger extra safety. The rotor is a full composite blade giving very long life and and the strength required.

The rear suspension is made from 7000 series aluminium which works extremely well on rough runways and is complimented by the rubber block suspension on the front.

The turning circle is nice and tight ensuring that a u-turn at the end of the runway is easy. No 3 point turn needed with this one.

All pedals, controls, wheels, rotor head and anything else that can be made from titanium has been done to increase strength and save weight.